Vin Grotto

Vin Grotto is a Wine Shop, Tasting Room and Wine Club located within the famed Theater District of downtown Tacoma, Washington.

Owners Jack Noble and Kris Blondin have over 30 years of restaurant and wine experience to provide you expertise in finding that perfect bottle. They are the founders and former owners of STINK Cheese & Meat restaurant located in Tacoma, Washington’s Theater District. Kris owned the former Vin Grotto Cafe and Bar in Tacoma while Jack was the original developer and owner of specialty kitchenware and wine shops Gourmet Way located in Lewiston and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Kris and Jack started Vin Grotto in order to celebrate the power of friendship and share their knowledge with those who appreciate the relationship between food and wine. They are currently working on an additional project – a food, wine and hospitality Podcast called The Deep Dish where they will talk about the wine and restaurant industry along with many other topical subjects that they hope will inspire you and make you laugh!


We strive to educate our customers about specific viticulture regions and the history behind the wines and foods that contribute to those regions‘ excellence, while encouraging a community that gathers and reflects on some of life’s most important attributes including friendship, communication and kindness.

Also, contrary to what some people think, most wines don’t have to be expensive to be good! Our wines will be thoughtfully curated for you based on quality and price. Whether a bottle is $10 or $100, our wines will always over-deliver – guaranteed.